What We Do

How do you grow your business? You need:

  • Access to capital. Outside investment money can be hard to come by – GroundSwell has it.
  • A new kind of management experience.  What worked well when the company was small may not work as the company grows, adds more employees and facilities, and handles more sales volume.  Or the company books, processes, and documentation may not be in the format that buyers can use to assess whether or not they want to purchase your company.

GroundSwell Can Help

GroundSwell Diagnostics If you want to quickly assess where your company is facing structural challenges to growth, GroundSwell Diagnostics provides a way to measure the extent to which a company is facing problems transitioning to its next stage of development. GroundSwell’s Diagnostics methodology is based on the idea that when an organization’s infrastructure is not sufficiently well developed for its revenue base, certain symptoms can be identified through the use of proven surveys that have aided the management teams of hundreds of companies facing growth challenges. The diagnostic survey results pinpoint the need for specific changes in the organization’s infrastructure, processes, or managerial skill sets required to continue to grow the business. Learn more about the four parts of GroundSwell.
GroundSwell Advisors If you’re struggling with issues of taking management and process/reporting practices to the next level, GroundSwell Advisors will help you implement The GroundSwell Operating System for Results and provide the insight and guidance that will enable you to break through the barriers to growth – without taking an equity stake. GroundSwell Advisors also actively prepares companies for sale by ensuring all the proper processes and documentation is in place for potential acquirers to review.
GroundSwell Institute If you want to learn about the principles of The GroundSwell Operating System for Results to start or buy a business, or become a better manager, our online school, The GroundSwell Institute provides online classes and interactive learning tools that can teach you about the methods, tools, and frameworks we use every day at GroundSwell to help the companies we work with.
GroundSwell Capital If you need capital or want to sell the company entirely, GroundSwell Capital will invest in or outright purchase your company and work with you or the management team to grow it.
Think you might be a good fit to partner with GroundSwell? Contact us today.

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