What We Believe

At GroundSwell, we operate based on a core set of beliefs.

When it comes to growth:

  • Growing cash flows presents different challenges than starting a business.
  • The successful growth of a company depends not only on the quality of the company’s product or service, but how that company is managed.
  • Every business is unique, and growing every business is a unique challenge. But there are best practices that work for all growing businesses.
  • Great managers aren’t born, they’re made. An individual can learn the skills of successful management if they follow The GroundSwell Operating System for Results.

When it comes to managing people:

  • The success of an organization should be measured not just in dollars and cents, but in the personal and professional growth of every individual involved in it.
  • Feedback, training, and coaching drive improvement.
  • To accomplish your goals, you must effectively communicate them to your team, and make it clear what role each person plays in accomplishing them.
  • Accountability at every level of an organization is key to its success. One must refuse to blame others for a lack of results.

When it comes to breaking away from the pack:

  • It’s better to make the competition irrelevant than to beat the competition. Instead of trying to win the game, change the game.
  • When everyone else zigs, you need to zag.

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