The Parts of GroundSwell

GroundSwell Diagnostics GroundSwell Diagnostics provides a way to measure the extent of, and reasons behind why, a company is facing problems transitioning to its next stage of development. GroundSwell’s Diagnostic methodology is based on the idea that when an organization’s infrastructure is not sufficiently well developed for its revenue base, certain symptoms can be identified through the use of proven surveys that have aided the management teams of hundreds of companies facing growth challenges. The survey results clearly and concisely pinpoint the need for specific changes in the organization’s infrastructure, processes, or managerial skill sets required to continue to grow the business. Click here to visit GroundSwell Diagnostics.
GroundSwell Advisors This is the consulting arm of GroundSwell. We provide the insight, analysis, and collaboration to implement The GroundSwell Operating System for Results on a consulting basis without taking an equity stake in your firm. If you’re interested in working with GroundSwell Advisors to accelerate your company’s growth and maximize its value, contact us today.
GroundSwell Institute The GroundSwell Institute teaches the principles and practices of The GroundSwell Operating System for Results that we use with our portfolio companies through an online school. Where an MBA teaches theory, we focus on time-tested practical tools and methodologies that you can use to start or accelerate the growth of a company. Click here to visit The GroundSwell Institute.
GroundSwell Capital GroundSwell Capital is the private equity investment arm of GroundSwell. We buy or invest in small-cap and micro-cap businesses with revenues between $3 million and $100 million that are poised for growth, and we work with management to achieve that growth by implementing a unique series of best practices for management and business development called The GroundSwell Operating System for Results. If you’re ready to sell your business, or are seeking capital, contact us today.

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