The GroundSwell Difference

GroundSwell is unique.
We provide capital,
training and advisory
support with flexible
partnership options.

Investors provide capital and liquidity.  Consultants develop strategy, schools provide training, and coaches and trainers provide advice, input and support.

GroundSwell is unique. We provide capital, training and advisory support with flexible partnership options.

Our investment and operating results have led us to believe significant cash flow growth requires all three of these key elements.

And it’s been our experience that few, if any, investment firms, consultants, schools, coaches or trainers provide more than one of these critical resources.

Ready to Sell Your Business/Need Liquidity or Growth Capital?

Ready to sell your business?  Need capital to take your cash flows to the next level?

If you are then we invest in your company.

But many businesses aren’t prepared for the process of selling or taking in capital.  If that’s the case, GroundSwell prepares you for institutional investment and then invests.

Ready to Grow the Cash Flows of Your Business?

Growing the cash flows of a business can be a maze-like process unless you have a clear road map and a guide. Without the proper strategy, training and support most businesses hit a plateau. But you don’t have to.

GroundSwell has researched business best practices including proven frameworks and methodologies on competitive strategy, organizational & personal development, performance management, process improvement, motivation, stress management, visual thinking to solve problems, decision making & business judgment, culture and more.

Then we’ve employed them at our portfolio companies and generated significant results.

And now we’ve refined them into a repeatable linked system guaranteed to grow cash flows for any business – The GroundSwell Operating System for Results.

We employ very practical and specific techniques and methodologies to address things like:  How to motivate employees. How to encourage accountability. How to set business goals.  How to effectively communicate to your employees. How to separate yourself from the competition. How to measure your success.

And it’s not business school mumbo jumbo or the latest business fad.  Everything we do is scientific in the sense that has been researched and is repeatable.

When you work with us we train you and your management team on The GroundSwell Operating System for Results – and together we implement it at your company.  And time and again it drives the cash flows of your business.

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